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DevOps Playground: more than just another lecture

As the DevOps Playground enters its fourth year, we take the opportunity to look back at how the DPG was initially formed and its subsequent success. Why ECS Digital started


DevOps Playground: Hands-on Visual Regression with AyeSpy

The Speaker: Matt Lowry – Do you get frustrated by tools like Selenium where you are testing webpages in ways where it’s not intended? Are you struggling to reduce the

Digital Women in Tech – DevOps Playground: Hands on with Cypress

As part of ECS Digital’s initiative to attract more women in technology, we held our first ever Digital Women in Tech MeetUp in our London office at Bermondsey Street where

DevOps Playground Singapore: Hashicorp Consul & Smashing

Following the success our last DevOps Playground in Singapore, the team were at it again with another playground showing the power of service discovery and monitoring using Hashicorp Consul. A

DevOps Playground London: Hands-on with AWS Serverless

In most IT departments you usually have an individual who’s responsibility it is to manage the servers. When your software or website has a particularly high load they can rearchitect

DevOps Playground Singapore: Hands-on with Amazon Connect

Our very first DevOps Playground took place in September in Singapore, at the Lifelong Learning Institute. We had fun with Amazon Connect! At the event, we created a working solution

DevOps Playground Edinburgh – Google Kubernetes Engine on Google Cloud Platform

Our 21st DevOps Playground took place last evening in Edinburgh, in our ECS office. We explored Google Kubernetes Engine on Google Cloud Platform. We created a GKE cluster, using preemptible instances, then

DevOps Playground London – Jenkins & Kubernetes

The 20th DevOps Playground took place at the ECS Digital offices on Bermondsey Street. The focus for the event was a hands-on demonstration of running a scalable Jenkins cluster on top

DevOps Playground London – AWS CloudFormation

The 19th DevOps Playground took place at the ECS Digital office's in Bermondsey Street. The topic was AWS CloudFormation with a focus on Infrastructure as Code (IaC). This was my

DevOps Playground Edinburgh: Hands on with AWS Fargate

On the 27th February, we had the privilege of launching ECS Digital's very first DevOps Playground in Edinburgh. Such an occasion called for a special topic, and this time we

DevOps Playground London – All Hands on Prometheus

Earlier this year we had our 18th DevOps Playground focusing on the very powerful monitoring tool - Prometheus, that has been gaining a lot of attention in recent years. At
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