Our Story

Tired of looking at screens and learning generic facts about technology at other meet-ups, the DevOps Playground team wanted to try something different…

They decided people needed to experience the actual tool in order to properly understand what it was all about. The industry needed a hands-on training experience.

So that’s what they delivered…

Supported by ECS Digital, DevOps Playground attracts over 70 people each month, using and learning the latest and greatest DevOps, Testing and BDD tools.

The all hands-on experience has been a success, so much so that we’ve since launched Playgrounds in Edinburgh, India and Singapore.

With the support of external speakers, hosts and sponsors, DevOps Playground aims to continue going from strength to strength, engaging new audiences and building a larger community of technology lovers who want a hands-on experience with new tools to help their own development.

To help us do this, we respectively ask that all participants of our Playground adhere to our official Code of Conduct. Should you have any questions, please reach out to one of the Playground organisers on the relevant Meetup page.

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